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updated 7:46 AM UTC, Sep 25, 2018
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Combining knowledge and piety
They strove to preserve Muslim identity
Simplicity and humility personified
Their biographers never lied
Starting under a pomegranate tree
Their fruits are in almost every country
Scholars par excellence
Their mission was sunnah-adherence
Tafaasir, hadith commentaries and fataawa they wrote
The ship of Islam they kept afloat
This eulogy, please do not mind
Their dar-ul-hadith is one of a kind
Expert debaters
Phenomenal orators
The wisdom of Nanotwi
The perfection of Gangohi
The genius in Kashmeeri
The jihaad of Madani
How can I forget the Shaikh of Hind?
What about ‘Ubaidullah of Sindh?
A mujaddid was the Thanwi guide
The jamaa’ats of Ilyaas have reached far and wide
Aah! The barakah of his age
Zakariyyah the sage
Incomplete is this poem without Muhammed Shafee’
Yet I beg you not to throw it in the sea
Of course, I see your frown
When will I mention Bannauri of Newtown?
A reference to Mahmood the Mufti is a must
Omission of Maseehullah is unjust
A galaxy so vast and bright
Beacons of spiritual light
Defenders of Islam from innovation and heresy
Enviable is their legacy
Their role in the liberation cannot be denied
Text-book writers are sadly squint-eyed
May the ‘Ulamaa of Deoband receive the best reward
Their services I applaud
My relationship with them I certainly treasure
Allah guide me in the same measure!