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Amongst the etiquettes of Islam

Amongst The Etiquettes of Islm title 900X1390

Amongst The Etiquettes of ʾIslām

Authored by: ʾAsh-Shaykh ʿAbdul FattāḥʾAbu Ghuddah
Translated from Arabic by: Mawlānā Sulaymān ʾal-Kindī
Edited by: Mawlānā Ebrahim Muhammad
First Edition Rajab 1436 A.H. April 2015
Published by: Al Qamar Publications

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All praise belongs to Allāh, with the choicest praise and glorification. Salutations and peace be upon our Master and our Prophet, Muḥammad, the noblest of salutations which his Creator bestows upon him; and also on his companions, pure followers and the virtuous – those who follow his guidance and etiquettes, the clean ones who fear Allāh. O Allāh! Grant that we may follow them in word and deed. Grant us death upon their way, and love for them when we reach the end of our allotted time. This is a small booklet which I have named Min ʾAdabil ʾIslām – Amongst the Etiquettes of ʾIslām. I have compiled in it some concise sentences on the etiquettes of the natural way of ʾIslām. I have seen that many of my brethren and loved ones, whether male or female, are neglectful about them and err in recognising them. My intention in compiling this, is to remind them, not that I am better than them in regards these etiquettes, nor am I not in need of these etiquettes. It is simply a matter of mutual advising on truth and patience [Sūrah al-ʿAṣr] and implementing the clear command: وَ كِّ نِ نَّ ن اا كِّ ل ىٰ ى ػَ ااُْمْ ِ And remind, for indeed reminder benefits the believers. [aẓ-Ẓāriyāt: 55]