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Aqwal e Salaf Vol - 6

Aqual e Salf Vol 6 500x761

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All praise is due to Allāh ta‛ālā Maktaba Dār al-Ma‛ārif Allāhābād is striving earnestly towards the realization of its objectives despite obstructive conditions. It is periodically presenting valuable and priceless books for the guidance and success of people. Several books on biographies, Ahādīth, tasawwuf, lectures and admonitions, etc. were published in the recent past and met the approval of all sections of the community. The reader must have read about this in the previous volumes. The present volume contains the evaluations and recommendations of several scholars such as Hadrat Muftī Mahmūd al-Hasan Sāhib Gangohī rahimahullāh, Hadrat Maulānā Muhammad Rābi‛ Sāhib Nadwī dāmat barakātuhum, Hadrat Maulānā Ya‛qūb Sāhib Sāraudī Gujarātī zīda lutfuhu and others.
The book before you is Aqwāl-e-Salaf volume six with new and beneficial additions. The reader may be aware that volume three of the old edition contained details about personalities of the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries of the Hijrah. From these, the biographies, statements, teachings, and academic and reformatory achievements of personalities of the 11th century Hijrī were presented in volume five. It also contains biographies of reformers and propagators who are generally unknown. The present volume [six] contains biographies of personalities of the 12th century Hijrī with additions. Allāh willing, the seventh volume will also contain biographies from the third volume of the old edition. These will have certain additions as well.

I consider it necessary to relate this sad news that while this book was in its final process of collation, and typesetting, my honourable mother and respected brother, Maulānā Maqbūl Ahmad Qāsimī, were both suffering from chronic ailments. We were all occupied with their medical treatment at Sahara Hospital and P.G.I. Hospital in Lucknow. Maulwī Muhammad ‛Ubaydullāh was sending teachers, students and others from Allāhābād for blood transfusion (because my brother who was suffering from cancer needed blood regularly). Maulānā Maqbūl Ahmad’s wife, his sons – Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Anwar, Muhammad Akram and Ahmad – and especially his daughters – Zahrah and Wardah – were all engaged in seeing to his needs and serving him. His other daughter, Fātimah, also served him for as long as she was present, and then proceeded for hajj with her husband, Muhammad Sa‛d. Maulānā Maqbūl Ahmad passed away while she was away for hajj. She was extremely grieved but exercised patience and continued making du‛ā’ to Allāh ta‛ālā for his forgiveness and Paradise. Moreover, Maulānā Mahbūb Ahmad Sāhib Nadwī would come regularly to the hospital to visit his brother. The other brothers, Maulānā Sa‛īd Ahmad and Maulānā ‛Azīz Ahmad used to phone several times a day to inquire about his well- being and to offer their consolation. May Allāh ta‛ālā reward them with the best of rewards.
Everyone did whatever they could in the treatment and nursing of my brother. Of special note are our madrasah teachers and students, especially Maulānā Maqsūd Ahmad Sāhib who did his utmost to serve him. Similarly, everyone proved their sincerity in serving and nursing my mother.
In addition to this, Mahmūd Kamāl Sāhib, Dr. Tausīf Sāhib and others continued rendering their services. My honourable father is most impressed by the services

of all these people and says that they all served us well. May Allāh ta‛ālā reward them with the best of rewards.
Nonetheless, the lives of both had come to an end. My respected mother departed from this world on 9 Rajab 1437 A.H./17 April 2016 at the Relief Hospital in Lucknow, and she reached the mercy of Allāh ta‛ālā. To Allāh we belong and to Him is our return.
Maulānā Maqbūl Ahmad Sāhib passed away on 14 Dhū al-Hijjah 1437 A.H./17 September 2016 at the P.G.I. Hospital in Lucknow and was transferred from this temporary abode to the eternal abode. To Allāh we belong and to Him is our return. Both were buried at the Kālā Dāndā graveyard in Allāhābād. May Allāh ta‛ālā illuminate their graves.
Finally, I request the reader to continue making du‛ā’ for my honourable father dāmat barakātuhum so that the programme of compiling comprehensive and authoritative books on various sciences and arts may continue. May Allāh ta‛ālā make these books beneficial to all sections of the community. Āmīn.

Muhammad ‛Abdullāh Qamar az-Zamān Qāsimī Allāhābādī
22 Muharram 1438 A.H.
24 October 2016.