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updated 9:25 AM UTC, Oct 11, 2018
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Confession of Sins

Confession of Sins 848x1291

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By the grace and help of Allāh , Maktabah Dār
al-Ma‛ārif Ilāhābād has the honour of publishing
many books, biographies, mawā‛iz (books of
admonition), etc. which the ‛ulamā’ and people
who have interest in these subjects expressed
their appreciation and provided encouragement to
the people of the Maktabah with their lofty
opinions. May Allāh  reward them.
Al-hamdulillāh, at present, important books on
the subject of tasawwuf are in the processes of
simplification, clarification, writing or printing.
May Allāh  enable us to convey all these books
to the ummah and make them useful, and may
He inspire us to continue in this task. Āmīn.
The book before you is actually a collection of the
book, I‛tirāf-e-Dhunūb, of Muslihul Ummat Hadrat
Maulānā Shāh Wasīyullāh Sāhib quddisa sirruhu,
and I‛tirāf-e-Qusūr, of my respected and
honourable father. Both books show a path which
would convey servants close to Allāh . When a
servant presents himself before Allāh ,
acknowledges his sins and mistakes, seeks
forgiveness with remorse, and cries before Allāh
, He brings him close to Himself.
In like manner, when a person displays
shortcomings in fulfilling the rights of his beloved
ones, relatives and friends, and seeks their
pardon by admitting his mistakes, he becomes
acceptable in their sight.
Both books have accumulated strange and
astonishing stories of acknowledgement of sins
and mistakes from the lives of the Prophets,
auliyā’, ‛ulamā’ and righteous people. Inshā Allāh,
these will prove to be guiding lights to those who
are treading the path of the Tarīqah and are
seeking the road to Paradise.
All readers are requested to make du‛ā’ for my
honourable father for Allāh  to bless him with
long life with good health and well-being, and
bestow him with even more inspiration to spread
the teachings of the Sharī‛ah, the Sunnah, and to
further elucidate and explain the teachings of
tasawwuf and sulūk.
I conclude by making du‛ā’ to Allāh  to reward
all those who assisted us either with their
knowledge or wealth, and to make this book a
means to bring about a change in our lives. Āmīn.
Muhammad ‛Abdullāh Qamar az-Zamān
Servant of Maktabah Dār al-Ma‛ārif Ilāhābād
Rabī‛ ath-Thānī 1429 A.H.