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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dear respected Ml. Ahmad Laat Saheb and members of the delegation.

Assalamu Alaikum w.w.

Hope that this letter finds you in the best of health. May Allah Ta,ala accept your coming to the lands of Canada and make it a means of great benefit for the Ummah. Aameen.
This humble servent was reading a book last night in which I came across a historical story regarding Ml. Ilyas sb (rahmatullah alaihi) and Ml. Ashraf Ali Thanwi Sb (rahmatullah alaihi), thus it was my desire that this story should also reach you people.
The global effort of Dawat-e-Tabligh is passing through a time of test and tribulations which every concerned person is feeling the pain for. In such conditions it is very important that we always keep in front of us the method and way of its founder Ml. Ilyas sb (rahmatullah alaihi).
The story is written as follows:
Mufti Muhammad Zahid saheb (Shaikhul Hadeeth of Jamiah Islamiah Imdadia Faislebad) writes that:
At the time when Ml. Ilyas sb (rahmatullah alaihi) started the effort of dawat-e- tabligh in a special way and method, he had the worry and concern of the effort. Due to the fact that these individuals were free from the desire of self praise, instead of insisting on their way of effort they were always worried that this effort of mine is on the correct pattern and method or not. This concern is common amongst the accepted servants of Allah Ta’ala.
Many sayings and happenings of the founder of Tabligh also testify to this same corncern of his. For this same reason Ml. Ilyas Sb (rahmatullah alaihi) kept a connection and link with the elders of the time. He visited Ml. Thanwi sb (rahmatullah alaihi) in Thana Bawan for some days in order to exchange thoughts and get guidance from him.
Most probably on the last day of his stay, Dr. Mahmood Ahamad Gazi’s grandmother (who was related to both of them) invited them for food. The conversation that took place between the two, Dr Saheb used to relate it as follows:
Ml. Ilyas sb (rahmatullah alaihi) said: “I have contemplated a lot and also made istikhara whilst I was here, I have total satisfaction of the heart on the effort.” He explained in detail the reasons for it. Most of the talking was done by Ml. Ilyas (rahmatullah alaihi) and Ml. Thanvi (rahmatullah alaihi) was quiet, however at the end Ml. Thanwi sb (rahmatullah alaihi) said, “If
you have complete satisfaction of the heart then start the effort with the name of Allah Ta’ala, but remember and take great note of three things:
1. One is that those actions which are desired in the light of Shariah, have stages and ranks. Some are Fardh, some are Wajib and some are Mustahab. (Sometimes one very action can have different rulings due to different conditions). Therefore, take great care and precaution that these boundaries which the Shariah has placed are not crossed over.
2. The second thing which he said was that people who are involved in other works and efforts or have better capability of doing those other works, if they don’t have contentment of the heart in doing the effort of Dawat-e- Tabligh in this specific pattern and way, than do not force on them to do so.
3. It is the weakness of my memory that I can’t remember the third thing properly. most probably it was as follows:
As to give a lecture in a gathering is the work of the Ulama, a non-alim should not be given this task.
On one side this story portrays the sincerity of Ml. Ilyas Sb (rahmatullah alaihi), that instead of criticising Ml. Thanwi (rahmatullah alaihi) as he is against the effort, he listened attentively to his advice. On the other hand it also portrays the far sightedness of Ml. Thanwi (rahmatullah alaihi).
Thus today the effort that Ml. Ilyas Sb (rahmatullah alaihi) had started has become a global effort whose fruits and benefits only that person can deny who intentionally opts to close his eyes.
Together with that the advice that Ml. Thanwi (rahmatullah alaihi) gave in the initial stages of the effort, today after quarter of a century these advices seem to be regarding the current conditions of the effort.
(Dr Mahmood Ahmad Gazi; hayat e afkar: pg 104/105)

Reproduced by:
Abdullah Kapodrawi (May Allah Ta’ala forgive him)
Currently residing in Toronto, Canada
Friday 27 Dhul Hijjah 1437 A.H corresponding to 30 September 2016 C.E.
Respected Moulana Saheb, this story might be in your mind from before but as a reminder I have written it to you. This servant is sick therefore requesting for your du’as. Inform Ml. Ismail sb and Ml. Abdurrahman Sb also of this story and convey my salams and request for du’as.