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updated 9:25 AM UTC, Oct 11, 2018
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Lighthouses of Guidance

Lighthouse of Guidance Cover 200x300

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For many years it had been my wish and the wish of
my respected brother, Maulānā Muhammad Sāhib –
presently residing in Malawi – to collate the biographies
of the teachers and mentors of my honourable father.
My father was fulfilling this wish by writing articles on
this subject which were periodically published in the
famous monthly, Hirā Kā Peghām, in Mānik Mau.
These articles have now been collated and presented in
book form through the efforts of Maulānā Ismā‛īl
Kauthar Kausārī Falāhī and my brother Maulānā ‛Abd
ar-Rahmān Sāhib.
May Allāh ta‛ālā confer them with true happiness in
both worlds and bless them with additional academic
and practical progress. Āmīn.
We are extremely thankful to Janāb Hājī Shabbīr
Ahmad Lulat Sāhib of Zambia who is a khalīfah of
Hadrat Aqdas Maulānā Muhammad Qamar az-Zamān
Sāhib Allāhābādī dāmat barakātuhum for his valuable
assistance in enabling this work to be published and
making it easy for us all to benefit from this book.
We will be very ungrateful if we do not express our
thanks to Maulānā ‛Imrān Sāhib Falāhī Khānpūrī and
Maulānā Muhammad Muhr ‛Alī Qāsimī. The first of
these two scholars offered academic assistance in
various places of the book despite his many other
preoccupations, while the second scholar did the
proofreading and typesetting in a most beautiful
manner. May Allāh ta‛ālā reward them with the best of
rewards in both worlds.

May Allāh ta‛ālā also reward my brothers Maulānā
Muhammad Sāhib and Maulānā Ismā‛īl Patel Sāhib for
the interest which they showed in the preparation of
this publication.
We pray to Allāh ta‛ālā to bless this collection with
acceptance and make it a treasure for us in the
Hereafter. Āmīn.

(Hāfiz) Ibrāhīm, may Allāh pardon him.
Son of Hadrat Maulānā ‛Abdullāh Kāpaudrī and
khalīfah of Hadrat Aqdas Maulānā Muhammad Qamar
az-Zamān Sāhib dāmat barakātuhum.