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Mutual Respect Among Ulema

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For the preservation of His Dīn and for its propagation
and proliferation, Allāh ta‛ālā selects certain blessed
individuals and personalities in every era whose
blessings are not enjoyed by the people of that era alone
but by the following generations as well. They all benefit
from their sciences and knowledge, and begin to tread
the straight path. Hadrat Muftī Muhammad Shafī‛ Sāhib
rahimahullāh said that for the guidance of mankind,
Allāh ta‛ālā sent the Book of Allāh together with the men
of Allāh. Even after the Prophets ‛alayhimus salām, this
system continued via their heirs and deputies, and
continues most excellently to this day.
A very esteemed personality of our time, my affectionate
teacher and beloved mentor, and the beloved of the
‛ulamā’ and mashā’ikh – Shaykh al-Hadīth Hadrat
Maulānā Muhammad Salīm Dhorāt Sāhib dāmat
barakātuhum – is also a link in this golden chain. His
blessed presence is not only a great bounty for the
masses but for ‛ulamā’ and students as well. No matter
how much gratitude we express for this bounty it will
not be enough. The various departments of Dīn which
Allāh ta‛ālā is enabling Hadrat Maulānā to serve is
clearer than the light of day.
He has been fulfilling the duties of teaching and
educating, principal-ship and administration, writing
and compiling, advising and counselling, rectification
and self-purification, and propagation and proliferation
of Dīn for more than 25 years. He is playing a major role
in preserving the beliefs of the youth, in their moral
training and in setting right their actions. He resorted to
both – the spoken word and the written – to this end. He

is rendering services for the last 25 years through an
annual conference, a monthly training programme,
Qur’ān and Hadīth lessons in English, the printing and
distribution of pamphlets and booklets, and the monthly
publication of Riyād al-Jannah. This is a revivalist
achievement in Europe.
By virtue of these services, he is enjoying extraordinary
popularity and adoration among his seniors, the
mashā’ikh, the masses and the elite. Based on this
extraordinary popularity and adoration he is regularly
invited through the length and breadth of the country
for lecture programmes, Qur’ān and Bukhārī
completions, youth seminars and other similar
For the last few years he has been attending the annual
youth programme of the Batley Jāmi‛ Musjid which is
organized by the board members of the Musjid and by
its well-known elder, Hadrat Maulānā ‛Abd ar-Ra’ūf
Sāhib Lājpaurī dāmat barakātuhum (a khalīfah of
Hadrat Maulānā Masīhullāh Khān Sāhib rahimahullāh).
Hadrat Maulānā addresses the youth who assemble in
large numbers. The youth benefit from his impressive
address in the English language.
In the programme which was scheduled for December
2012, Hadrat Maulānā ‛Abd ar-Ra’ūf Sāhib and other
‛ulamā’ of Batley requested that a separate programme
for ‛ulamā’ be conducted as well. Hadrat Maulānā – due
to his humbleness and modesty – tries his utmost to
avoid addressing an assembly of ‛ulamā’. On this
occasion too he tried his best to defer the programme
but the hosts were persistent and an assembly was
eventually scheduled.
I clearly remember Hadrat Maulānā being ill on that
day. In the course of our journey he repeatedly said:
“First of all I am ill, and the programme of addressing

the ‛ulamā’ is a burden in itself. Bukhārī Sharīf contains
a statement of Imām Rabī‛atur Ra’y rahimahullāh. Allāh
willing, I intend presenting the statements of the ‛ulamā’
in this regard. I trust that Allāh ta‛ālā will enable me
and the audience to benefit from it.”
When the talk commenced then, as always, Allāh’s grace
was directed on him. Hadrat related introductory points
about Imām Rabī‛atur Ra’y rahimahullāh and his subject
of discussion took another turn and he began speaking
about the mutual respect which existed among the
‛ulamā’. He related several stories one after the other in
this regard. A considerable number of ‛ulamā’ and Sufis
were assembled. There were ‛ulamā’ who had graduated
from various madāris and the hall was almost filled to
capacity. The talk had a good effect on those present
and Hadrat Maulānā ‛Abd ar-Ra’ūf Sāhib was
encompassed by a unique condition. When the talk
ended, he stood up immediately, turned towards Hadrat
in a love-filled manner, and said: “This was a divinely
inspired talk. I request Hadrat to have it penned, printed
as quickly as possible, and made available to the
Acting on the request of Hadrat Maulānā ‛Abd ar-Ra’ūf
Sāhib, the talk under review – The Mutual Respect
Among ‛Ulamā’ – was very quickly transcribed from the
CD but could not be edited by Hadrat Maulānā because
of his many engagements. It remained in a cupboard for
quite some time and was completely forgotten.
Towards the end of July 2015, Hadrat Maulānā received
a letter from Hadrat Maulānā ‛Abbās ibn Ādam Sirīgat
Sāhib dāmat barakātuhum who is a Hadīth lecturer at
Dār al-‛Ulūm Zakarīyyā, South Africa. The letter is
quoted below:
Respected and honourable Hadrat Maulānā
Muhammad Salīm Dhorāt Sāhib, Shaykh al7
Hadīth Jāmi‛ah Riyād al-‛Ulum. May Allāh
ta‛ālā give you long life, and make your life
beneficial to Islam and Muslims throughout
the world.
As-salāmu ‛alaykum wa rahmatullāhi wa
I hope that Hadrat Wālā is well. A few days
ago, acting on the sincere request of Muftī
Mahmūd Dānā, I had the opportunity of
travelling to Barbados. In the course of my
two-day stay there, I had the wonderful
opportunity of reading Hadrat’s various
lectures and talks (which are published in
the form of booklets). All praise is due to
Allāh ta‛ālā, I read all the booklets with full
concentration from beginning to end. These
lectures are certainly a manifestation of the
saying: Whatever emanates from the heart
has an effect on the heart.
Among those booklets, a fresh publication
titled The Sacrifices of ‛Ulamā’, holds the
rank of the chief of them all. The manner in
which Hadrat assessed and evaluated the
situation of that place is truly Hadrat’s
reserve alone. It is my humble view that by
expressing your thoughts, you fulfilled an
obligation on behalf of all other ‛ulamā’.
Furthermore, you presented yourself as a
practical example of “the one who does not
fear the criticism of critics in fulfilling Allāh’s
cause” when you expressed the truth. It is
solely Allāh’s favour that even during these
turbulent times there are those who do not
bother about the paltry possessions of this

world when proclaiming the truth. May Allāh
ta‛ālā enable more people to do this.
In addition to reading the booklets which I
made reference to, I heard one of your CD’s
titled The Mutual Respect Among ‛Ulamā’.
This address must also be published in
book-form as quickly as possible. It is the
call of our time, the need of the ummat, a
medication for the hearts of the ‛ulamā’, an
alchemy for removing mutual rivalry, and a
spiritual treatment for bonding the hearts. It
ought to be heard with the heart, impressed
upon the heart and made into an amulet for
life. O Allāh! Inspire us.
Finally, I make an ardent prayer to Allāh
ta‛ālā to bless you with a long life with
wellness, enable your blessings to spread
completely and totally, and inspire the
masses and elite to benefit from you.
‛Abbās ibn Ādam Sirīgat
Dār al-‛Ulūm Zakarīyyā
The above letter redirected Hadrat Maulānā to turn his
attention to the printing and publishing of this lecture.
He reviewed it despite his ailments and many
occupations. Some of our associates referenced the
booklet and – all praise is due to Allāh ta‛ālā and solely
through His grace – this lecture is now ready in the form
of a booklet. It is hoped that the ‛ulamā’ will view it with
May Allāh ta‛ālā bless my affectionate teacher and
beloved mentor with complete health and total wellness,
and give him more progress in the service of Dīn,
knowledge, practice, sincerity and devotion to Allāh
ta‛ālā. May Allāh ta‛ālā enable his blessing to spread far

and wide, and cause large numbers of people to benefit
from him. May He inspire all to practise on the objective
behind which this lecture was delivered so that the
‛ulamā’ may become one solid wall to steer the ummat
correctly in these turbulent times. Āmīn.

Ahmad Patel
Islamic Da‛wah Academy, Leicester, UK.
22 Jumādā al-Ukhrā 1437 A.H.
31 March 2016.