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Qurbaani Laws Made Easy - Part Five

#…..If a wealthy person that possesses nisaab bought an animal with the intention of Qurbaani, then it became faulty, then it is necessary upon him to make Qurbaani of another animal that is not faulty.
#…..If a poor person bought an animal with the intention of Qurbaani, then the animal became faulty, then the faulty animal will be sufficient for the poor person. It is not necessary for the poor person to slaughter another animal in its place.
#…..If a person bought an animal that did not have any defect for Qurbaani, but it became defective, with such a fault that prevents the Qurbaani from being valid, so, if the Qurbaani was that of a vow or oath, then it is necessary that he slaughters an animal that does not have any fault in its place. It does not matter whether he is rich or poor. If the Qurbaani is not of a vow or oath, then it is sufficient for the poor person to slaughter that animal and it is necessary upon the rich person to slaughter an animal that does not have any fault in its place.
#…..If a fault was created in the animal while preparing for slaughter, e.g. the legs broke or the eyes were hurt, then there is no problem. The Qurbaani of the animal is valid.

#…..There is no consideration given to a defect created in the animal at the time of Qurbaani. The Qurbaani will be valid.
#…..If a person laid the animal down for Qurbaani and before he could stroke the knife, the animal’s eye came out on its own, then the Qurbaani will be valid. [‘Inaayah alal Hidaayah vol.8 p.435]

#….. When Hadhrat Khallelullah Ibraheem (RA) was busy slaughtering his beloved son Hadhrat Ismaeel (RA) by the command of Allaah (SWT) Hadhrat Jibraeel (AS) was on his way with a substitute for him from Jannah and the thought occurred to him that it should not happen that Hadhrat Ibraheem (RA) slaughters him in haste as a result of which these words were recited by him: الله أكبر الله أكبر
when Hadhrat Ibraheem (RA) saw Hadhrat Jibraeel (AS) he recited: لا إله إلا الله والله أكبر and when Hadhrat Ismaeel received news of a substitute having been sent in his place he recited: الله أكبر ولله الحمد

#….. The reason for naming the days of Tashreeq as Tashreeq is the fact that people used to slice the Qurbaani meat into pieces and dry them in the sun. Any such meat which had been dried in the sun was termed “Tashreeq-ul-Lahm”. Due to this connection it was termed the days of Tashreeq.
#….. According to some Ulema the reason for calling the Eid Salaah and the day of Qurbaani Tashreeq is the fact that the Eid Salaah is performed when the sun is shining. This is also why the person who performs the Ishraaq Salaah is called a Mushriq, because he waits for the sun to rise. This is why the day of Eid is called Tashreeq.

#….. It is not permissible to cut the hair of an animal once it has been purchased with the intention of Qurbaani and if someone has done this, it will be Waajib for him to give its price in Sadaqah.
A beloved practice
عن عائشة قالت قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ما عمل يوم النحر أحب الى الله من اهراق الدم وانه لياتى يوم القيامة بقرونها واشعارها واظلافها وان الدم ليقع من الله بمكان قبل أن يقع بالأرض فطيبوا بها نفسا. ترمذي ١⁄٢٧٥ مشكوة ١٢٨
Hadhrat Ayesha radiyallaahu anha narrates that Rasulullaah (SAW) said that there is no action of the children of Aadam more beloved to Allaah on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah, i.e. Eid ul Adha than Qurbaani. The Qurbaani animal will come on the Day of Qiyaamah with its horns and hair and hooves. And before the blood of the Qurbaani falls, he (the one for whom the Qurabaani is done) reaches the happiness and place of acceptance by Allaah. Therefore, O servants of Allaah, make Qurbaani with complete happiness of heart.

#….. It is Mustahab for one performing Qurbaani to trim his hair only after having sacrificed his Qurbaani animal. This is not Mustahab for one who is not performing Qurbaani. Nonetheless, if he does so to imitate those who are making Qurbaani, his action will not go without reward.

#….. There are seven such things even in a Halaal animal which are not permissible to be eaten. They are:
#….. Flowing blood.
#….. The penis.
#….. The testicles.
#….. The anus.
#….. The glands.
#….. The bladder.
#….. The spleen.
In both Kanz and Tahaawi it is stated that the marrow which runs between the spines from the lower back up to the neck is also Haraam.

#….. Before selling the Qurbaani animal’s hide, it can be used for oneself or even given to a wealthy person as a gift. It can also be given as Sadaqah to the poor and needy. If the hide has been sold, then no matter with what intention it was sold, it will be Waajib to give this money away as Sadaqah which can only be given to the poor and needy. It will not be permissible to give this money to the wealthy, to workers and teachers as a part of their salary.

#…..The Qurbaani of such an animal that was born without horns or the horns broke is valid. However, if the horns broke from the root, then Qurbaani of such an animal will not be valid.
#…..If the top part of the horn has come off (the horn cover), then Qurbaani of this animal is valid.
#…..If the horn has come off and the effect of the wound has reached the brain, then it is not valid to slaughter such an animal for Qurbaani.

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