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Qurbaani Laws Made Easy - Part Six

عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال من كان له سعة ولم سضح فلا يقربن مصلانا
Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah
t narrates that Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “He who does not make Qurbaani despite having the capacity should not come close to our Musallah.”

It is narrated from Hadhrat Abu Sa’eed Khudri
t that Rasulullaah (SAW) said to Hadhrat Faatima radiyallaahu anha, “Faatima, stand and stay by your Qurbaani animal (and see it being slaughtered) because your previous sins are forgiven with the first drop of blood that falls on the ground.”
Hadhrat Faatima radiyallaahu anha asked, “O Rasul of Allaah, is this virtue special with us (the family of Rasulullaah (SAW)) or are we and all the Muslims deserving of this reward?” Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “It is for us and for all the Muslims.” [At Targhib wat Tarheeb vol.2 p.393]

It is not permissible to make Qurbaani of a horse. It is not proven verbally or practically from Rasulullaah (SAW).

Men and women should wear their best clothes on the day of Eid, whether new or used. It is better for men to wear white. It is permissible to wear clothing of other colours. Red and yellow clothing is Makruh for men.

It is more virtuous to make Qurbaani on behalf of the deceased for Isaal e Thawaab than it is to give charity during the days of Qurbaani. It is more virtuous to send the reward to the deceased because only wealth is utilized in charity and in Qurbaani, together with wealth, a person sacrifices a lot. That is why it is more virtuous to make Qurbaani.

#….. It is in order to make Qurbaani of an animal that itches but if due to this the animal has become completely weak or if the itch proceeds from the skin and effects the meat, Qurbaani of such an animal will not be valid.

It is sufficient to make the intention of Qurbaani in the heart. It is not necessary to say it verbally. However, it is necessary to say بسم الله الله اكبر at the time of slaughtering.

#…..If a prisoner is a resident, he possesses nisaab, then it will be compulsory upon him to slaughter an animal during the days of Qurbaani. He should do it in the jail or he should tell someone outside the jail. He should do it anywhere out of the jail. In any case, it is necessary for him to do Qurbaani.
#…..If a prisoner is imprisoned in another country or he is imprisoned in his country but at a distance of safr (77Km) and he is the owner of nisaab, then Qurbaani will not be compulsory upon him.

An immature child can slaughter an animal. If he said بسم الله الله اكبر and slaughtered then it is permissible and it is Halaal to eat the meat.

#…..It is necessary to make the intention of Qurbaani at the time of buying the animal or at the time of slaughtering the animal, otherwise the Qurbaani will not be valid.
#…..If a person bought an animal with the intention of Qurbaani but at the time of slaughtering, he did not have this in mind. The Qurbaani will be valid.

#….. The knife used to slaughter an animal for Qurbaani must be sharp so that the animal is subject to the least amount of suffering. The knife should not be sharpened in front of any animals.

If a Kaafir accepts Islaam during the days of Qurbaani, in fact, even before sunset of the 12th, and he is wealthy and possesses nisaab, then one share of Qurbaani is compulsory upon him if the time of Qurbaani is remaining, otherwise it will be necessary for him to give the value of a medium sized goat in charity if the time has already passed.
If Qurbaani is compulsory and a person does not have cash, then it will be necessary for him to take a loan and make Qurbaani. If Qurbaani is not compulsory, then it is not better to take a loan. If he does the Qurbaani, it will be permissible and he will get the reward and it will be necessary to fulfill his loan.

It is permissible to make Qurbaani with money taken on loan. However, it is impermissible and Haraam to take a loan on interest.

#….. If a person becomes mature before sunset of the 10th -11th or 12th of Zil Hijjah and he is wealthy, one share in a Qurbaani will become Waajib on him.

#….. It is not permissible to distribute Qurbaani meat by estimation. It is necessary to weigh equally when giving. If there is an excess or shortage of meat when giving the different shareholders their shares, it will amount to interest and the taking, giving and eating of interest is Haraam.

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