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updated 12:50 PM SAST, Jan 22, 2018
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Qurbaani Laws Made Easy - Part Seven

#….. It is permissible to eat tripe.


#….. The shiny part of tripe is Halaal without any abomination.

#….. Two people purchased two goats for Qurbaani and by mistake one person slaughters the goat of the other, both people’s Qurbaani will be valid and it will not be Waajib on either to substitute or give its value in money.

#….. It will be valid to roast Qurbaani meat on a fire and eat it. (braai)


#….. The ruling with regard to giving away with permission, some meat from an animal which was slaughtered on behalf of numerous shareholders, it will be in order provided that there was no share based on a vow taken because in such a case, its distribution to the poor is not Waajib. On the other hand, if there was a vow taken by some shareholder and meat was given to a wealthy person, it is not permissible because in this case it is Waajib for the one taking the vow to give this meat away to the poor as Sadaqah. Thus, the gist of the matter is that the Qurbaani will be done but the person taking a vow will have to offer the price of his share as Sadaqah which was given to some wealthy person.

#….. It is Mustahab to allocate a third of the meat from the Qurbaani animal for Sadaqah but it is better for one who has family or is a member of a tribe not to allocate anything for Sadaqah but to rather keep all the meat for his family members.

#….. To tan (make biltong) of a Qurbaani animal is Mustahab and if it is sold, it will be Waajib to give its value in Sadaqah.

After cooking the Qurbaani meat, it is permissible to feed it to the workers because the rulings of Qurbaani do not apply after the meat has been cooked.

#…..It is permissible to give Qurbaani meat to a non Muslim – not as payment. However, the reward for giving to poor Muslims is more because it is Mustahab. Therefore, we should make an effort to give the Qurbaani meat to Muslims.
#…..If there is a definite underlying reason, then a person can give the Qurbaani meat to a non Muslim, but it is not better because the poor Muslims are not any less in number.
#…..It is permissible to give the Qurbaani meat to the one that collects dirt.

It is permissible to eat Halaal raw meat. Cooking is not a condition for the meat to be Halaal.

It is permissible to eat the heel because it is not from among the Haraam parts.

#…..It is valid to eat the Qurbaani meat, to give it to the wealthy and poor, to dry it and keep it and to keep it in the fridge. (freezer)
#…..Besides the meat of a Qurbaani made by vow or bequest, the meat of any Qurbaani can be eaten by the poor and wealthy.

The meat of an animal that has been slaughtered in a Halaal way that has been separated is pure. It is not necessary to wash it before cooking. It is not prohibited to wash it and cook it. A person can do whatever he likes.

If the Qurbaani was of a vow or of a bequest, then it is necessary to give all the meat to the poor and needy. The person who slaughtered the animal, or his relatives and wealthy people cannot eat of it. Besides these two types of Qurbaani, (vow and bequest) the person slaughtering, his family, wealthy and poor people can eat of the meat.

If a person sold the Qurbaani meat, then it is necessary for him to give the equal amount of cash in charity.

It is better that the meat is divided into three parts. One part for one’s house, a second part for one’s relatives and friends and a third part for the poor and needy. However, if one’s family is big and one needs the meat, then one can keep the meat for one’s house. It is not a sin.

Qurbaani is not compulsory on a mad person. If a mad person has wealth that is equal to nisaab, gold or silver, or trading stock or he has wealth that is over and above his basic needs, then it is not compulsory upon his guardian to make Qurbaani on his behalf because it is a condition to be sane in order for Qurbaani to become compulsory.

#…..It is Makruh to take the animal to the place of slaughter by pulling and stretching. It is Makruh to delay in slaughtering the animal after laying it down to slaughter it.
#…..It is Makruh to keep the animal hungry and thirsty before slaughtering the animal.
#…..The animal should be laid down easily. It is Makruh to lay it down with unnecessary difficulty.
#…..It should be laid down facing the Qibla, on its right side. It is Makruh to do it contrary to this.
#…..It is Makruh to slaughter with a blunt knife.
#…..It is Makruh to sharpen the knife in front of the animal.
#…..It is Makruh to sharpen the knife after laying the animal down.
#…..It is Makruh to slaughter one animal in front of another animal.
#…..It is Makruh to slaughter the animal with such force that the head is separated or the knife reaches the Haraam marrow.
#…..It is Makruh to slaughter the animal above the neck .
#…..It is Makruh to separate the neck from the body after slaughter, before the animal has cooled down.

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