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Qurbaani Laws Made Easy - Part Eight

Yes, if the practice in a certain place is such whereby a husband makes Qurbaani for his wife, if a father does so for his matured children and the wife and children are aware of this, the Waajib Qurbaani on their behalf will be sound and valid on the basis of common practice and custom. It will not be necessary to acquire clear cut permission and the common practice and custom will suffice.
#….. Wherever this is not common practice and custom, it will be necessary to acquire clear cut permission; otherwise the Waajib Qurbaani will not be considered as executed.

#….. If a person has four sons and they earn along with the father, their earnings being very good. They possess everything a household needs, they own mansions, land and property, wealth and gold, they all have wives and children etc. and they all live together, sharing their expenses, eating together. The father has given them all permission to spend as they see fit. In such a situation where all the shareholders are Sahib-e-Nisaab, it will be Waajib for each of them to have a share in Qurbaani as well. One share will be for the father along with four other shares, one for each son. If their wives too, are Sahib-e-Nisaab, then a share each for them will also be Waajib.
#….. If four brothers are partners and each of them possesses the Nisaab, the father passes away and after dividing the inheritance they do not separate but continue as partners in their earnings then on the basis of each of them being a Sahib-e-Nisaab, Qurbaani will be Waajib on each of them separately and not that they can all participate in a single share, for this will not be valid.

#….. It is in order to make Qurbaani of an animal that is pregnant but it is Makrooh to purposely do so at a time when it is close to delivery. After slaughtering the animal, one will also have to slaughter the young that is removed and to eat it is Halaal. If it is stillborn, it will not be valid to eat it. If it dies before being slaughtered, its meat is Haraam.
#….. If the young that came out of the mother’s womb is not slaughtered and the days of Qurbaani expire, the living calf should be given away in Sadaqah. If it was slaughtered after the days of Qurbaani have already passed and is eaten, then the value of the animal has to be given in Sadaqah. To do this is compulsory.
#….. If the calf is raised to adulthood and slaughtered as Qurbaani, one’s Waajib Qurbaani will not be fulfilled. The entire animal’s meat has to be given away as Sadaqah. If Qurbaani was Waajib on this person, he will have to slaughter another animal to fulfill his Qurbaani.

If a person bought an animal with the intention of Qurbaani and then found that it was pregnant, then if the person who bought the animal is a sahib-e-nisaab, then he can buy another animal for Qurbaani and he can rear the pregnant animal. If he wants to sell it, then he can do so as well.
If the person who bought the animal is not a sahib-e-nisaab, then it is compulsory upon him to slaughter that very animal. For details, see under ‘Pregnant animal’.

The place of slaughtering is between the throat and the jaw. The entire neck should not be severed. In fact, the Haraam marrow should not be cut. The wind pipe and the veins around it (also called audaaj) should be cut. In this way the impure blood will be taken out and the animal will be given as little difficulty as possible. The blood is not taken out and the animal is given great difficulty without any necessity if any other methods is adopted.

Qurbaani was compulsory upon a person. However, he did not perform it as yet and before the time of Qurbaani could be finished, he became poor. Then Qurbaani falls off him.

A poor person upon whom Qurbaani was not compulsory performed Qurbaani out of his own will. After this, during the days of Qurbaani, he became wealthy, possessing nisaab. Now, it is compulsory upon him to make a second Qurbaani.
If a poor person got wealth before sunset of the 12th of Dhul Hijjah and he became a sahib-e-nisaab, then Qurbaani will become compulsory upon him.

If a poor person bought an animal with the intention of Qurbaani, then the Qurbaani of that animal becomes compulsory.

#…..If a person is poor, then Qurbaani is not compulsory upon him. If he buys an animal with the intention of Qurbaani, then the Qurbaani of that animal becomes compulsory upon him. However, if this animal died or got lost, then this Qurbaani falls off him. A second Qurbaani does not become compulsory upon him.

Qurbaani began in Mina. This is why it is more rewarding to make Qurbaani in Mina as compared to other places. It is for this reason that Rasulullaah (SAW) slaughtered 100 camels during Hajj, 63 he slaughtered himself and the rest he gave to Hadhrat Ali
t. It is because of this virtue that he r made the Qurbaani of so many animals. Generally, Rasulullaah (SAW) used to make Qurbaani of two animals in Madinah Munawwarah.

Nahr is Sunnah for camels. Nahr refers to piercing the camel at the top part of the chest, close to the neck with a spear or knife so that the veins of the neck could be cut.

It is better for a student of Deen to buy books of Deen rather than performing Nafl Qurbaani.
The difference between Qurbaani and Sadaqah
We also learn that Qurbaani is different from Sadaqah from the fact that there is no specific day for Sadaqah but there is a special day stipulated for Qurbaani. Its name has been kept ‘Yaum un Nahr’ and ‘Eid ul Adha’.

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