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updated 12:50 PM SAST, Jan 22, 2018
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Qurbaani Laws Made Easy - Part Eleven

The four veins should be cut at the times of slaughtering that are on the right and left of the windpipe. If three are cut, then too it is valid and it will be Halaal to consume it. If only two were cut, then the animal is carrion and it will be Haraam to consume it. If a person forgets, then it will be valid to eat it.

#…..After slaughtering a Qurbaani animal, it is found that a live calf came out, then it should be slaughtered as well, and if it comes out dead, then it is not permissible to use in any way.
#…..If the Qurbaani animal has given birth just before slaughtering, then the ruling for the calf will be the same as mentioned above.
Slaughtering by a dumb person
The slaughtered animal of a dumb person is Halaal. It is permissible to eat of its meat because the dumb person is excused from reciting بسم الله الله اكبر at the time of slaughter.

It is not permissible and forbidden to cut off any limb of a living animal. For this reason, after slaughtering, no limb should be severed until the animal has become cool, otherwise it will not be permissible to consume that particular limb.

It is Makruh to separate the head of the animal before it can become cool after slaughtering, but the meat of the slaughtered animal will be Halaal.

A person should not willfully be a partner with someone who takes interest because in the case where Haraam wealth was used in partnership, none of the shareholder’s Qurbaani will be done.
If such a person takes Halaal wealth from someone and uses that in the collective Qurbaani, then it will be permissible to add it to the collective amount.

Shias are not Muslims, nor are they people of the book. For this reason, the meat of the animals slaughtered by them is not Halaal. The Ithna Ash’ari Shias believe in the alteration of the Qur’aan, the sinless Imams, taqiyya, mut’a, and they believe that all the Sahabah besides three became non Muslims and renegades. By adopting these beliefs, they are out of the fold of Islaam. For details, study the volume of ‘Bayyinaat’ dedicated to Shism. Detailed discussions and Fataawa are gathered there.
The ruling with regards to Agakhaanis and Bauharis is the same.

Shias are non Muslims, i.e. kaafir. If a share of an animal is that of a Shia, then the Qurbaani will not be done on behalf of anyone of the shareholders.

#…..A number of individuals can join with the intention of aqiqah in a big animal. This is on condition that all the partners intend either Qurbaani or aqiqah.
#…..In a big animal, some partners can make the intention of Qurbaani and some can make the intention of aqiqah.
#…..None of the partners’ Qurbaani is nullified if a person among the partners has a share of aqiqah in a big animal.

There is no doubt that the animal slaughtered by a Muslim woman is Halaal. It is permissible to consume its meat. However, because women know very little of this work and there is possibility that she will not be able to stroke the knife properly because of her heart being weak, that is why it is not appropriate to give the work of slaughtering over to women without real necessity. 

It is not appropriate to sell the animal for Qurbaani after it was bought. If a person sold the animal and bought another one that is cheaper, then it is necessary to give the difference in Sadaqah.

#…..It is permissible to appoint someone to perform ones Qurbaani.
#…..If a person appointed a representative to perform his Qurbaani, then the intention of the representative at the time of buying and slaughtering is sufficient and the representative should slaughter the animal on behalf of the person who appointed him.
Representation in Qurbaani is permissible. A person can make Qurbaani by being a representative of another person. It does not matter whether they are from one country or from different countries. No difference will come about in the ruling.
For example, a resident of Karachi, Pakistan can appoint someone in Lahore through phone, fax, mail or e-mail to do Qurbaani for him. Similarly, a person in Saudi Arabia can appoint someone in Pakistan or Afghanistan to make his Qurbaani for him.

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