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updated 12:50 PM SAST, Jan 22, 2018
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Qurbaani Laws Made Easy - Part Twelve

A person has three types of choices as long as the skin is with him, (1) He can use it himself, (2) He can gift it to somebody, (3) He can give it in charity to the poor and needy.
If a person sold the skin for cash or he sold it for something else, then it is compulsory upon him to give that amount in charity.
It is permissible to sell the skin with the intention of giving the amount in charity. It is a sin to sell the skin with the intention of using the money one’s self, even though the sale might be valid.
#…..When an animal is slaughtered in accordance to the Shari’ah and its blood has come out, i.e. it has cooled down, then it is permissible to remove the skin. It does not matter whether one takes the entire skin off at once, or in small pieces or a person could include the skin of the horns to the skin of the body. All these methods are valid.
#…..It is impermissible and Haraam to remove the skin after slaughtering the animal, before it has cooled down. It is necessary to stay away from such an action.
If the hair of an animal does not stand properly because of the skin getting burnt and there is no wound and all the limbs are intact and healthy, then it will be permissible to slaughter it for Qurbaani.
#…..It is not permissible to give the skin of the Qurbaani animal to the worker, Imam, Muazzin or servant as a wage.
#…..If the above mentioned individuals are deserving of Zakaat, then it is valid to give it to them without taking anything in return.
#…..It is not permissible to give the skin of the Qurbaani animal to the butcher as a wage.
Those deserving of the skins are the same as those that deserve Zakaat, i.e. poor Muslims, the students of orphanages, Deeni Madaaris, those in need etc.
#…..It is necessary to give the value of the skin of the Qurbaani animal in charity to the poor and needy if a person sold it, i.e. it is necessary to make them the owner of it. It is not permissible to give it to anyone besides the poor and needy. If there is a severe need to spend this money on someone besides the poor and needy, then it is necessary to make a plan. The method of the plan is that after selling the skin, the amount should be given to a needy or poor person and he should be made the complete owner of it. It should then be told to him that give it on your own accord to a Masjid or Madrasah building or towards the salaries of the teachers etc. and he gives it on his own accord. It will then be permissible to use this money for the Masjid, Madrasah or the teacher’s salaries. This condition should not be made at the time of giving the money, but it should be told to him after he has been made the owner.
#…..If the person slaughtered an animal and gave the skin to a poor deserving person and the person who received it then sold it. It will be permissible for him to give it for the wages of the teachers or in the building of the Masjid. However, if the person who made the Qurbaani sold it himself, then he cannot give it as wages or in the Masjid, but it will be necessary for him to give it in charity.
It is prohibited to slaughter the animal from the back of the neck. The meat of an animal slaughtered from the back of the neck side is not Halaal according to Hadhrat Abdullaah bin ‘Abbaas .
If the throat of the chicken or any other animal was totally separated from the body during slaughter, then it will be valid to eat it, it is not Makruh. It is however Makruh to intentionally slaughter the animal in such a way.
#…..The slaughtered animal of a Muslim is Halaal. A person should not doubt the slaughtered animal of either a new or old Muslim. It is permissible to take the name of Allaah  and eat it.
#…..The slaughtered animal of every Muslim is Halaal. No difference will be created in the Halaal status of the animal due to someone’s ill nature or verbal abuse.
It is valid to slaughter an animal which was injured or a mark came upon it by putting it down on the ground or by hitting it. However, it is better that Qurbaani of such an animal is also not made.
#….. It is not valid to keep fast on the days of Tashreeq because those visiting the Kabah are the guests of Allaah  and it is not fitting for guests to go the house of their host and keep fast.
#….. An animal which does not have a tail from birth is not permissible for Qurbaani. If an animal does have a tail but a third or more than a third is cut off, such an animal too, will not be permissible for Qurbaani.
#….. According to one opinion if the animal has half a tail, whereby half has been cut off, it will be acceptable for Qurbaani. Consequently, if one is at such a place where animals with full tails or animals with tails cut to less than a third are not found, in such places, due to circumstances, Qurbaani of such animals will be permitted.
#….. NOTE: In Africa the tails of animals are cut due to their opinion that this prevents the animals from being exposed to disease as a result of which animals with complete tails cannot be found. Therefore, if people there do not find sheep with full tails in spite of searching, will be allowed to make their Qurbaani with such tailless animals.
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