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updated 9:25 AM UTC, Oct 11, 2018
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Serving Deen

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Hadrat Muftī Abū al-Qāsim Nu‛mānī Sāhib
Principal of Dār al-‛Ulūm Deoband

I had the opportunity of reading the entire manuscript of
Serving Dīn And The Different Ways of Da‛wat And
Tablīgh written by Hadrat Maulānā Muhammad Salīm
Dhorāt Sāhib. This booklet is in fact a transcript of a
most important lecture. After hearing about this lecture
from some of our elders, I hoped I could get an
opportunity of benefiting from it and that it could be
proliferated as much as possible. The reason for this is
that for about one year now I have made it my
preoccupation that whenever our Tablīghī Jamā‛at
brothers and ‛ulamā’ from various madāris come to Dār
al-‛Ulūm Deoband, I emphasise on them that education,
propagation and self-purification – all these three – are
important departments of Dīn and all three are included
among the responsibilities of prophet-hood. This is why
every person – based on his personal inclination and
capability – must select any of these departments of Dīn
and serve them practically. At the same time, he must
realize the importance of the other departments of Dīn
and express and acknowledge their importance. All
those who are working in these different departments
must become helpers and supporters of each other.
All praise is due to Allāh ta‛ālā, Hadrat Maulānā
Muhammad Salīm Dhorāt Sāhib explained this subject
in a complete, referenced, detailed, heart-rending and
impressive manner. His style and tone are filled with
sincerity and emotions of pain and fellow-feeling.

There is a need for this message to be proliferated as
much as possible among all sections of people who have
a concern for Dīn. Allāh willing, this will remove mutual
conflicts and misunderstandings, and each person will
get the inspiration to rectify his self.
May Allāh ta‛ālā accept this service and make it
beneficial to the entire Muslim ummat. Āmīn.

Was salām
Abū al-Qāsim Nu‛mānī, may Allāh pardon him.
Principal of Dār al-‛Ulūm Deoband
2 Rabī‛ al-Ākhir 1437 A.H.